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Our Farm’s Promise and Ethic

We believe that we raise the healthiest, tastiest, most nutritious, and most humanely treated hogs and cattle, on the lush green pastures of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. On our small family-owned farms we practice sustainable organic agronomy.

Our animals are processed in a small family-owned, USDA inspected, Animal Welfare Institute certified abattoir near our farms.

We never feed GMO meal, soy, corn, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Our livestock breathe clean air, drink fresh water, and munch thick green grass, locally harvested hay, and natural forage.

We deliver our pre-packaged and frozen meats direct to your home, at no additional cost.

Seriously Tasty Meat

Raised on the farm, we are two brothers – Bernard and Theo. Now living in San Francisco and Portland, we’re keeping our family heritage alive. Managing the farms, the butcher, and personally delivering every box to our customers, we provide “farm-to-table” quality and transparency of our operation for people in our communities who care about the food they eat.

Livestock Raised On Green Pastures

All our animals eat lush, green Oregon grass. Never fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Our animals fertilize our pastures naturally. Hogs are fed a corn-free, and soy-free supplement. Cattle always eat grass and hay, start to finish – never any grain. All meat is USDA processed and inspected – of course.

How To Buy From Us. It’s simple.

Click on the Go Shopping link in the main menu or the Tasty Meat image above. Then select as many products as you want and add to cart. The final step will be completing your delivery and billing information and payment. Easy.

How Delivery Works.

After you place your order, we email you a confirmation, and trade some messages to figure out a convenient delivery date for you. Usually deliveries can be made within a week. We deliver. You eat.